Travel Guide to San Fransico

Travelling to States has been on my bucket list forever; I always thought my first trip would be to NYC. Destiny had plans of taking me to the beautiful city by the bay and of course the famous golden gate bridge.

Coming from the horrible English weather; sunny San Fran felt like heaven with a cooling breeze. The architectural structure of the city is just amazing. Large swathes of its hilly residences give the most beautiful aesthesis when you standing on top.

Disclaimer to note is that San Francisco apparently is the most expensive city in California on the West Coast. The Bay view and the famous golden gate bridge does make the trip worthwhile.

After a horrid flight of 17 hours; we landed in at 2 pm and went straight to Marriott Hotel in Fisherman Wharf. The hotel was block and a half away from Starbucks which I helped me get through the worst jet lag that I have ever had. 

Places to Visit in San Fransico

Ghirardelli Square is an official city landmark in San Francisco. The stately brick buildings in San Francisco’s was built in 1895 which was the original site of Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. Ghirardelli square is a cluster of restaurants and shops a perfect place to wander about in the sun with a sea view.

Exploring Chinatown

San Fran China town is a city within a city best explored on foot. Once, you enter “Dragon’s Gate” (Grant Avenue and Bush Street) the feeling is overwhelming. From street signs are in mandarin; graffiti artwork on Chinese-style buildings, red lanterns hang across the streets exuberates the essence of the Chinese culture.

Exploring the streets and alleys of China Town that selling anything and everything; from artefacts, fruits, food and of course the Chinese herbal remedies. The joy of enjoying the authentic Chinese food covers all aspect of visiting the oldest Chinatown in North America. 

Fun at Fisherman Wharf

Few things that encompasses at the Fisherman wharf are Mystical waterfront, sealion, alcatraz island  and the breezy wind.  One of the must things to do in San Fran. The area is filled with people having fun

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